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Video Streaming Package

VIDEO PACKAGE FOR THE 2016 CONFERENCE (the last conference) IS ONLY $47 USD, and

VIDEO PACKAGE FOR THE 2017 CONFERNCE IS ONLY $97 USD (for those who cannot attend).

The 2016 video package is available now, and the 2017 video package will be available after the March 2017 confernce.


Please use the PayPal Links below OR contact Ted Mahr via email, outofthisworld1150@gmail.com
OR contact him directly by phone at 1.888.879.8339 (toll free within the United States and Canada) 1.509.750.9793 

Full Videos of 2016 Conference $47 -- available now -- click to order. 

Full Videos of 2017 Conference $97 -- will be available very soon -- click to order.